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Alyssa Stuck
  • BA in Biomedical Sciences from University of Colorado

  • MPH in Policy & Management from Loyola University Chicago

  • current graduate student at Tulane

  • work sample (presentation)

Jun Yan

Jun Yan

University of Southern California

  • BS in MIMG from UCLA

  • MS in Immunology & Molecular Biology from Cal State University, Northridge

  • MS in Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine from University of Southern California

  • current PhD student at University of Southern California

  • work sample (poster)

Sarah Hsieh

Sarah Hsieh

Johns Hopkins University

Brandon Yeshoua
  • volunteered as a USC undergraduate student researcher at USC laboratory

  • graduated from USC with a BS in Human Biology (2019) and a Master's in Healthcare Administration (2020)

  • currently a medical student at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

  • work sample (poster)

  • work sample (video)

Bryan Pascual

Bryan Pascual

University of California, San Francisco

  • volunteered as a high school student researcher at USC laboratory

  • graduated from UC Berkeley in 2021 with a BA in Molecular & Cell Biology

  • currently working as a laboratory technician in the lab of John Gordan, MD PhD at UCSF as a lab technician

  • work sample (poster)

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